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The shop will only contain pre-orders for now!

I was a Kickstarter backer, how do I add on to my pledge?

If you were a Kickstarter Backer and would like to combine your store order with your pledge, please send me an email with your Backer # and your Order #. I will be manually refunding excess shipping and combining orders!

Can I buy in stock items from your shop and combine it with my Kickstarter pledge?
Not at this time for multiple reasons:

- My shop is currently running at minimum capacity (pre-orders only) for the time being

- Because the fulfillment estimate is further into the future, I don't want to be holding onto product for too long

- I used to offer this in the past, but it created a lot more room for error and it was harder to keep organized

I apologize!

How long will pre-orders stay up?
They will stay up for at least 1 week. They will be taken down once I place the order for all the products. When I place the order is dependent on how quickly people fill out their surveys! Once the majority of the surveys are submitted, I can tally everything and make sure I am ordering enough product.