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Seconds Sale FAQ

When is the Seconds Sale?

The sale will start on June 19th @ Noon EST and will go on until June 21 @ 11:59 PM EST.

The Seconds Sale is a semiannual event. The next one will happen on Boxing Day (December 26, 2020). 

What is a "seconds" ?
A seconds is a product that contains FLAWS. Pins may exhibit one or more of the imperfections listed below:

  • Stray glitter specs, or specs in general
  • Bubbles in enamel or epoxy coating
  • Imperfections in the metal
  • Scratches to metal surfaces
  • Paint drops or spreading into other enamel
  • Low fills
  • Peeling enamel or minor missing enamel
  • Wrong colour enamel in minor areas
  • Other unexpected problems

In terms of apparel:

  • Small stains
  • Misaligned or missing embroidery


What is the discount?


Major stains or misaligned embroidery - Heavily discounted at 50% off

Minor stains will be discounted at 35% off


Regular shop stock will be up to 70% off standard grade pricing. Prices range from $5 CAD to $10 CAD (~$3.81 USD to $7.62 USD)! Prices will vary based on: how old or new the design is and if it's been part of a previous Seconds Sale. 

Patreon exclusive pins will be available to the public for the first time through this sale. The seconds will be sold at $2 off regular price ($13 CAD).

Why does the price change when I add to cart?

Shopify's interface shows the cheapest price when there are multiple options in a listing. Make sure to review the prices carefully as prices can differ between each product in a single listing!

    Will there be photos of the flaws?

    For pins: No, sorry! The flaws are completely random on each pin (there are over 2,000 individual pins part of this sale) and I cannot take a photo of each specific flaw. However, if you check out my story highlights on Instagram I posted /some/ photos.

    Apparel: I will take photos of the major flaws (c grades) only and post them in the listings.

    Can you take a photo for me? / Can I pick which one/type of flaw I get?

    Again, no sorry! The flaw you get on your pin will be completely random.

    How will the products be organized?

    There will be multiple listings with options. I try to group collections together in one listing.

    Can I combine my order(s)?

    Yes, given it is a shop order. Please send me an e-mail with your order numbers and I will manually refund the shipping.

    When will orders from the Seconds Sale ship?

    They will be dropped off at the post office June 28th, one week after the sale ends.

    Will they have backing cards?

    To keep prices low and shipping fast, they will not come with backing cards unless requested. Just leave a note on checkout if you'd like me to back them!